Preparing For Sod

Getting the Soil Ready

Preparing the soil prior to sodding creates a root zone that will retain and conserve water and help you have a healthy sod grass lawn. 

We suggest that soil prep starts by removing all debris, including rocks, roots and any vegetation.  We then suggest that you apply 1-2 inches of Topsoil.  The sod grass at Liberty Sod Farm is grown in Black soil, this allows you to put down less topsoil then if you were using sod grass grown in brown soil.

You can also roto-till the existing ground prior to adding the topsoil.  This will loosen the soil and allow the sod grass to establish a deeper root system.

Steps for Soil Prep:

  • If you have existing vegetation where you will be installing your sod grass spray the area with a week killing product to kill any undesirable weeds or grasses and let sit 1 week.
  • Remove all debris- roots, vegetation, rocks
  • Establish rough grade to the yard.
  • Till area 4” to 6” deep.
  • Spread 1-2 inches of topsoil. Ensuring that topsoil is level and graded.
  • Roll, wheel pack, or water area to firm up tilled ground. Rain and snowfall will naturally settle tilled ground.
  • The ground is now ready to be fine graded.
  • Good soil prep can help your yard use 20% to 40% less water.