Sod vs. Seed

The Superior Choice For A Beautiful Lawn

Advantages of Installing a Sod Lawn

Many people face the same decision- install sod grass or seed.  Installing a lawn with sod grass has several advantages over growing grass seed. Growing grass from seed is a process that takes time, patience, and a lot of tender loving care versus getting instant gratification and satisfaction by installing a sod lawn.

If your lawn is tired, mostly thin grass and lots of weeds, needing renovation, or even if no lawn at all, there are several reasons to consider installing a lawn of sod grass:

1. Sod grass produces a finished lawn immediately and it is instantly attractive.
We all like things done right away, but let’s face it, what is wanted is a lawn capable of being the envy of friends and neighbors alike. This is the quickest way to enjoy the lawn on a warm sunny day.  And as an added bonus the instant lawn eliminates the prospect of mud during the many weeks (or months) it takes for a grass seed lawn to become established.

2. A sod grass lawn costs less.
Yes, you heard us right! While sod grass seems initially more expensive at the start, it saves money in the end. Growing a lawn from seed requires time and money spent on weed control, extra fertilization, and overseeding newly seeded lawns in their second season.

3. A sod grass lawn is healthier.
Sod enjoys the best soil, regular fertilization, and generous watering for strong root development. We do the hard part, you get a beautiful green lawn for years to come.

4. Sod makes for a denser lawn.
We start with Gold Tag Seed and nurture the sod grass for a year before it is ready to be harvested.  This allows for a thick beautiful product so there are no bare spots and reseeding is not necessary.

5. Sod has no weeds.
The new sod grass has no weeds because it is professionally grown. Also, our thick, lush grass discourages weed seed germination, minimizing the need to use herbicides in the future.

6. Sod prevents soil erosion.
Sod prevents the erosion of precious topsoil in lawn areas that are sloped or hilly. It is an immediate solution to messy washouts due to heavy rain.